robin !!

dope & not dope !

traits !

admin !

jj’s walkman !




robin blu davies !

• she/they
• eighteen
• unlabelled
• quidditch chaser

also artist, no doubt enthusiast, man hater, chocolate fiend, proud eyeroller

hogwarts graduate
currently a reserve for the falmouth falcons
part-time hogwarts referee
part-time spintwitches quidditch supply shop employee
former slytherin quidditch captain

unfortunate cousin to roger davies

traits !

bold, sarcastic, blunt, loyal, stubborn, hard-working, ambitious, ambivert, easily angered, clean, defensive

amortentia paint, fresh grass, caramel, fire
patronus skunk
boggart getting publicly humiliated

dope & not dope !

dope things !
no doubt, records, fashion, art, drawing, paint, rock music, wrestling, fighting dipshits, cats, DADA, chocolate frogs, food fights, black boots

not dope things !
boys, losing, being embarrassed, homophobes, misogyny, homework, professor snape

admin !

she/they, twenty, gmt+10, ships with chem & if admin and oc are 17+ NO NSFW

pls lmk if i ever make you uncomfortable or just sb! dm to chat, rp or plot <3

singleship 😁

my priv

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